river raffle (2)Founded in June of 1966, HCF has led the way in local preservation movement. The achievements of the Foundation- past, present and future- are the result of a strong organization with an active and committed membership.

Protecting our past is about more than just historic brick and mortar. The history of Columbus is replete with a cast of colorful characters and intriguing tales of love, war, and commerce. Significant residential and commercial architecture and historic neighborhoods serve as tangible reminders of this history. All of these historic resources are important assets that need protection. Your membership support will ensure that Columbus remains a city in which this rich history is preserved. Historic preservation is a vital aspect of our ambition to create a community of healthy neighborhoods where people are proud to live and raise families.

It is often noted that the transition of culture and history must have somewhere to take place. In Columbus, memories live on in special places where people from all walks of life have lived, worked and worshiped. Membership in HCF is a wonderful way to say “I care about Columbus!”

For information on membership please call Palmer Trawick at 706-322-0756.membership


  • Invitations to events, programs, and lectures
  • Special Foundation sponsored trips
  • Discounts on books, maps and collectibles
  • A subscription to HCF’s quarterly newsletter, Currents
  • An opportunity to contribute to the educational, cultural and economic vitality of Columbus